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Available for performances at your private event, business or fine establishment in the Boulder and Denver area.

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Sacrebleu! is a fluid group of musicians that come together to meet your occasion.

Players have included:

Founding member Don Yaffe (guitar and vocals), founding member Anthony Salvo (violin), Bill Pontarelli (clarinet), Emmy-winning David Williams (guitar), founding member Tim Carmichael (bass), Ian Hutchison (bass), Charles Parker Mertens (bass), Gabriel Mervine (trumpet), and many, many others.

Sacrebleu! band lineup
Sacrebleu! at Boulderado
Jackson Carson - Guitar

Jackson Carson

Founding Member – Guitar

Jackson has played music since he was a child. He studied saxophone vigorously for a few years playing alto and bari sax in all the school bands. Taking a break from the sax during the ‘80s, Jackson got into electronic music and synthesis, inspired by krautrock, European electronic music, and new wave synth bands.

Skip forward to the early 90s when Jackson had discovered rock-n-roll and the electric guitar. After deeply immersing himself in guitar, learning everything he could on his own, he eventually began touring full-time with an all original eclectic jam band. playing sax and guitar, among other odd instruments. He counts these years as “paying his dues” on the hard road.

For some years, Jackson focused almost exclusively on gypsy jazz. He has been a founding member of three other gypsy jazz projects in addition to Sacrebleu! He plays a ’petit bouche’ (small hole) gypsy style guitar and has been known to dust off his horn on rare occasion, as well.

Jackson also creates a variety of music from EDM to funk as a solo producer. Check out his music on SoundCloud!

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What people are saying…

“The feedback from the guests has been unanimously ecstatic! You guys have really got something going – spare, tight, swinging like crazy. Thanks for a great show.”

–JS, Denver

“A job done to perfection. We were thrilled to have Sacrebleu! perform at our wedding. Our guests all commented on how much they enjoyed your music.”

–JS & MB, Denver

“We loved your music as did all of the guests. We have live music every year we have this party – but the guests all thought this was the best.”

–ES, Denver

Unique poster art by Jackson Carson